A good proposition.

Monday 12th March 2018 – marked in our diaries as the day our agency proposition went up on the wall (thanks Rhys from Wallboss, tidy work 👊). 

Given it would be tricky to take it down without a new paint job (not to mention another round of heavy soul-searching), it felt like a bit of a ‘moment’ in the life of Good Eggs, and it got me to thinking…

What makes a good proposition? And more to the point, how the hell do you write one?

Who are we and what do we do? Why do we exist and why are we different? …and above all else: Why should our audience care?

These are big things to ask of yourself/your agency, and finding a good answer is fraught with pitfalls
– introspection, pride, over-complication, self-indulgence, the list goes on…My view is that a lot of agency propositions fall foul of some of the pitfalls above. Why? 

Because too often we as agencies don’t apply the same principles and levels of critical thinking to our own
propositions as we do to the propositions of the brands we partner with – which is odd/slightly bonkers.
So when we sat down to define what we, as Good Eggs, were all about, we did 4 things:

We understood our audience;

Who are we for?
And almost as importantly, who are we not?

Remembering of course that our audience isn’t our own industry (easily forgotten)

We drew on what we’ve 
collectively been telling 
brands for so many years;

Be single minded

Do only what only you can do

Focus on the benefit

We looked around at friends 
and peers to understand what 
good looked like;

Our friends at Squarebird Overcomplicated? No. Simple and benefit led? Yes.

A nice looking branding & design agency & SMITH – we do this for these people. Nice.

A giant of the industry, all hail Wieden & Kennedy – part point of view, part belief in what marketing should be all about. Brilliant.

We actually talked to some clients (thanks Simon, Kate & Emma).

Who better to gauge what good looks like than the very people these propositions
need to appeal to?

And the result?

‘We do good things for good brands’.

Simple, benefit-led and a genuine reflection of our point of difference as a small but perfectly formed combination of strategy, creativity and account management looking to work with brands who play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Now, why should this matter to business and brand owners? Simple really. If we as agencies can’t articulate what makes us different, what hope do we have of helping brands articulate a proposition, positioning or purpose?

On this basis, the simple truth is, agency propositions matter. And I wonder if you asked agency owners around the world whether they feel their own proposition is as good or has been as rigorously thought through as the brands they work on, I’d venture many of them would say no.

If you asked a selection of brand and business owners whether they thought their partner agency’s proposition really engaged them and was an accurate reflection of what they were all about, would they all answer positively? I’m not so sure…

We’ve recently been appointed to the creative agency roster for the NHS in the South West.  We’ll be starting work straight away across their key behaviour change initiatives to drive positive health outcomes. 

When it comes to doing good things for good brands, we can’t think of a better start.

Rob Wynn-Jones

Rob Wynn-Jones

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