It’s a Good’ay.
In fact, it’s an awesome week.

Because this is the week our brand campaign for Qantas UK goes live – a fully integrated campaign that spans press, digital, OOH and social, to inspire Brits to visit friends and relatives down under. 

Bringing to life key audience motivators following a process of insight gathering by the Qantas UK team, the campaign beautifully balances the emotional drivers that inspire a trip to Australia, with the rational benefits of choosing Qantas. Natural, human imagery and evocative copy work hand-in-hand to make it clear that although there are a million reasons to travel to Australia, there’s only one way to fly

It’s the product of three month’s collaboration with the Qantas UK marketing team, having been appointed as their lead UK creative agency following a four-way pitch in July, and it's work we’re extremely proud to see go live. The campaign is designed to build preference and consideration, and in doing so drive bookings and revenue - all key metrics that we’ll use to evaluate success over the course of the next two months.

More broadly, Qantas cite ‘Genuine’, ‘Inventive’ and ‘Together’ among their core brand principles – so when it comes to doing good things for good brands, we know we’ve found a client partner that shares not only our vision, but our vision for how to get there.

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