See how Good Eggs teamed up with the
Department of Health to help over 125,000 people
in the South West to quit smoking.

Client: Smoke Free South West

The Challenge​

Raise awareness of the dangers of smoking to inspire
family members in the South West to quit.

The Insights

1 in 2 smokers will die early due to smoking
British Medical Journal
‘Hard hitting’ imagery no longer cuts through
Family is the strongest trigger for a South West audience

The Proposition

All the things you’ll never experience.


Out of home



The Results​

Be There Tomorrow delivered significant shifts in awareness of the dangers of tobacco among smokers and non-smokers in the South West, with 215,000 more people now aware that smoking kills half of all smokers early. 480,000 smokers recalled seeing, hearing or reading about the campaign. 1 in 3 smokers among our key target audience of smokers with young families took a positive step towards quitting.


Recalled the campaign

1 in 3

Families took a positive step towards quitting