An experienced agile team of natural born collaborators highly awarded across multiple categories and disciplines

James Garside


James is a seasoned conceptual thinker, art director, and designer. Over 20 years delivering communications solutions for the likes of JWT, saintnicks and Ogilvy One have forged him into a true creative Swiss army knife – versatile, dynamic and effective. Equally at home with a pencil, mouse or SLR in his hand, James is a natural born collaborator, and a master of effortlessly taking a single minded idea from conception to delivery.

Rob Wynn-Jones


Rob’s been helping brands express the best versions of themselves for over 14 years. A talented strategist and an obsessive wordsmith, Rob thrives making the complex simple through his relentless hunger for insight and his unrivalled ability to understand what drives consumers. You know when you see, hear or experience a piece of communications and think, yeah, I totally get that? (We’re looking at you, Apple, Qantas, Carlsberg, Legal & General) – well, chances are, Rob totally got it too.


Toby Kushner


Toby’s spent over a decade supporting the biggest brands in the world with the sort of tenacious client service and creative strategy that separates the ‘could’ from the ‘did’. But don’t take our word for it; ask adidas, Nestlé, Sony or the Department for Health – brands defined by ambition, and client teams who share Toby’s intolerance for ordinary when extraordinary’s on the table.

As 1% for the planet members, 1% of our sales revenue goes directly towards supporting initiatives fighting climate change. We see this as one of the defining challenges of our time, and we’re proud to put our money where our mouth is.