Good Eggs were tasked with creating a multi-channel campaign to launch the latest swimwear collection from Tom & Teddy

The Challenge‚Äč

Show that an insightful, imaginative and flexible creative idea can bring the new “Jungle Collection” to life like never before and drive sales to all new levels

The Insights

Proven that campaigns knitted together with a unified creative idea drive greater engagement, efficiency and cut-through

Buying swimwear for Father & Son appeals to particular audiences with particular characteristics; something which we should celebrate, not shy away from

Jungle was the perfect creative theme to celebrate some of these characteristics; a love of life, an appetite for adventure and a thirst for discovery

The Proposition

Join the Jungle Generation

We are the Jungle Generation. We are fathers and sons, family and friends - united through the years by a love of discovery, colour and exploration, We tread a different path, and leave ordinary behind. We go on holiday to try something new, and to create memories that will last forever. The sights, colours and sounds of the Jungle have inspired a collection for a new generation; defined not by who we are, but by what we love.