Riverford Organic Farmers

In a fast-growing and fiercely competitive veg box category, Riverford faced a challenge;

Despite being the true pioneers of the organic veg movement in the UK, they were being caught up and imitated – thanks in no small part to the pandemic which had turbo-charged both demand and competition.

Riverford came to us wanting a big idea; something that would give their comms a centre of gravity and drive both relevance and distinction among food, health and ethically minded consumers.

We quickly realised that the answer lay in holding up a mirror to what they’ve been doing for decades:

This idea perfectly captured Riverford’s point of difference as a company who believe in the power of veg as a vehicle for real change. We developed lead campaign messages, based on consumer insight, that brought the Veg Revolution to life:

Armed with these lead messages we set about bringing them to life across multiple touchpoints:

We developed a hard-working, through-the-line campaign built to deliver new customer acquisition:


In tandem to this, we leveraged Riverford’s owned touchpoints to engage loyal customers:


The campaign is currently live and we’re tracking a variety of different metrics to gauge success:

  • Awareness & consideration through YouGov
  • Media performance metrics vs previous campaigns and industry benchmarks
  • Sales and profit performance 
  • Loyalty and retention metrics