Bradfords Building Supplies

We’ve done it all with the Bradfords team over the last few years…

We’ve broken sales records, transformed the perception of marketing internally, won awards and successfully navigated a global pandemic.

A golden and simple rule has been the key to our success; speak the language of your audience. Be direct, be honest, be memorable or be ignored.

That must be B*******s!

We knew from branch visits and chatting to tradesmen directly that far too often, so called ‘deals’ were not on the products they needed or when they needed them.

We put this insight right at the heart of a simple and bold creative idea that positioned Bradfords as the only place to go for unbelievable deals in Spring.


No Bull

Having established “unbelievable deals” as an own- able platform for Bradfords, we brought this to life again for Spring 2019.

We paired unbelievable headlines with newly shot hero products, creating bold and iconic looking pieces of communication. Bradfords loved the idea so much they decided to go on TV for only the second time in their 250 year history.


We’ve got your back

We needed to give tradesmen, homeowners and staff a simple, reassuring and memorable message during the COVID-19 pandemic: that Bradfords were open for business and committed to the very best quality, service, safety and value at a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

“We’ve got your back” delivered just this, leveraging their ‘trusted by trades’ positioning and putting their people up in lights.