Triodos Bank

Ethical Banking; a term that meant a lot to pioneers of sustainable living but was either confusing or meant little to a more mainstream audience.

Our job was to help people understand and seek out a better way to bank; one that’s good for you and the world around you. So we created a simple, direct and hard working creative expression of Triodos’ global proposition ‘Follow your heart, use your head’, that playfully but powerfully inverts language and imagery from the world of financial services.

Fast forward 2 years and there isn’t an audience, product or channel that the idea hasn’t effectively delivered against…

A new look and feel

We created a simple and bold look and feel for this new expression of their global proposition, including a bespoke typeface, updated secondary colour palette and an evolved brand tone of voice.

Words commonly used in the world of banking were given new meaning, paired with striking imagery that resonated with ethical audiences and stood out in the world of banking.

A big, flexible idea

Over the last 18 months we have effectively delivered across every product within Triodos’ portfolio, engaged multiple audiences and pulled this through more channels than we can list.


Growing the brand

Not only have we successfully delivered hard working product campaigns but the Triodos brand overall has grown in awareness and engagement since we started working with the team.

Brand awareness has doubled in just 18 months and all key brand health metrics (Consideration, associations, NPS and loyalty) are up year on year.